Android Auto Users Spot ‘Swipe to unlock’ Feature For Unlocking Smartphone While Driving

This new feature lets users of Android Auto swipe up on the vehicle’s app screen to unlock their paired smartphones.

Android Auto Users Spot ‘Swipe to unlock’ Feature For Unlocking Smartphone While Driving

According to news from Digit, Android Auto is reportedly receiving a new feature called ‘Swipe to unlock’. This new feature allows users of the in-car connected Android platform to unlock their paired smartphones without having to actually touch the phones.

To unlock the paired smartphone, the user will only have to swipe up on their in-car dashboard. Users will also gain access to certain features of the device which would otherwise be unavailable or inaccessible while driving.

Even though Google is yet to confirm the rollout of the ‘Swipe to unlock’ feature, some Reddit users claimed to have noticed it. They also said that their smartphones were only unlocked for 15 seconds after swiping. This may be for security purposes – to make sure users do not get distracted while driving.

If the Reddit talks are anything to go by, then the feature is not yet available to all users. It seems that it is only being tested among users who regularly send feedback about the platform to Google. However, all users can try to update Android Auto on their smartphones to check for the new feature.



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