Android Fragmentation: 1 Billion Android Devices Are Outdated

Android has failed to keep up with Apple in the area of fragmentation.

Android Fragmentation: 1 Billion Android Devices Are Outdated

Over the years, Android and Apple fans have argued relentlessly over the better of the two operating systems. While it has always been a fierce competition, Android apparently loses to Apple in the area of fragmentation.

Google usually does not roll out the latest versions of its operating system to vendors promptly. Up to date, no significant progress has been made in that regard.

Programmer Dan Luu has discovered a not-so-cool trend with Android. He came about this discovery after going deeply through some data. He discovered that uptake of new versions of Android appears to be slowing down, and he gave three possible explanations for this:

  1. Android growth is slowing.
  2. Fewer devices are receiving updates.
  3. Device turnover is slowing.

Luu wrote:

“Even with the data we have, we can take a guess at how many outdated devices are in use. In May, 2017, Google announced that there are over two billion active Android devices. If we look at the latest stats, we can see that nearly half of these devices are two years out of date! Given Android’s update model, we should expect approximately 0% of those devices to ever get updated to a modern version of Android.”

Taking half of active Android devices, this means that about 1 billion units are outdated. Also, taking into account that just 0.3% of devices have been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo (which comes with some really nice features), it means that about 1.99 billion Android devices are yet to get the update. Following trends, many of these devices will probably never get the latest Android version.

Meanwhile, more than 50% of all iOS have already gotten the update to iOS 11, and this comes less than two months after the launch of this update.

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