June 22, 2022

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China’s 5G is technically not ahead of the US – Qualcomm CEO

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Qualcomm 5G

China has been in the news a lot in the past couple of months for talks relating to 5G technology. No doubt the country is moving fast in this regard. In fact, Xiaomi has disclosed that all of its 2020 phones over $285 will support 5G. Xiaomi

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However, there is still the question of which country is ahead in terms of 5G – China or the United States?

Qualcomm already announced that the fourth Snapdragon Technology Summit would hold from December 3 – 5 in Hawaii. The invitation suggests that the key point of the event would be 5G.

Now, in a recent interview with Bloomberg, Qualcomm CEO, Steve Molenkov, was asked: “Do you think China is ahead of the US, in terms of 5G?” This was his response:

Well, I would say not from the technology perspective but if you look at the deployment, the speed at which base stations are rolling out, China is actually going quick fast. I think I made some comments about how it’s gonna be 130,000 base stations by the end of the year and a million next year in China alone. Those are tremendously large numbers if you put it in comparison with what you see in the United States. But that doesn’t mean the United States isn’t going quickly as well. It’s just that for the first time, China and the US are launching in the same calendar year. They used to be separated by two years or five years, depending on the generation.

Qualcomm CEO interview with Bloomberg

This goes to show that Qualcomm CEO does not believe that China’s 5G is technically ahead of the US. Meanwhile, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 may launch this December with both 4G and 5G versions. We have already seen some of its rumored specs.

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