Chrome OS To Replace Android On Tablets?

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Would it be a smart move by Google to replace Android by Chrome OS on tablets?
Chrome OS To Replace Android On Tablets?
Source: ICT News

News articles over time have started painting a picture of Chrome OS ready to replace Android mobile OS on Android tablets.

Reports suggest that Chrome OS is ready to take up the position of being the primary OS for tablets, and may become the hybrid OS for Google-powered devices. This OS will come with a screenshot feature, borrowed from Android.

Work on this has been on for a while with Google’s Chrome and Android teams working together to come up with hybrid computing devices (like 2-in-1 Chromebooks) that are low-cost.

Recently, Google added the ability for Android apps on Chromebooks to run in the background. This is in works toward Android app compatibility on Chrome OS.

Also, last year, Google began work on a touch-focused redesign of Chrome OS to make the software more functional in tablet mode.

At the moment, it is unclear how exactly the ‘merge’ of both operating systems will work, considering the fact that Google has been ‘toying’ with the idea for years. There is no absolute conclusion as to which OS will supersede the other, but at the moment, Android remains Google’s dominant mobile OS. Chrome OS, on the other hand, is steadily becoming more tablet-like, taking on more responsibility.

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