Facebook Android App Caught Seeking “Superuser” Clearance

Now, should you still trust Facebook with your personal data?

Social networking platform, Facebook, seemed to get into the heat again on Friday after it seemed to play fast and loose with its access to the personal information of users.

The Facebook Android app was apparently the culprit this time around. Users noted that over a few days of recent, the app requested for an extraordinary amount of access privileges.

However, there were speculations that it was probably not intentional, and that a new update was to blame.

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The implication of superuser access for Android users is that the app in question would gain full access to their device.

This was particularly bad for Facebook, especially since the company is probably still shaken after the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which it was revealed that the research house was able to collect and analyze detailed information it got from multiple Facebook user accounts without the full knowledge or permission of users.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal led to the U.S. Congress summoning the Facebook Chief, Mark Zuckerberg. He was also reported to have been scheduled for another grilling by the European Parliament, but has apparently refused to show up for that.

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In response to the issue of Superuser access, Facebook had this to say:

“A code error in one of our anti-fraud systems caused a small number of people running the Facebook app and certain permission management apps on rooted Android phones to see a request for additional access permissions. We do not need or want these permissions, and we have already fixed this issue. We apologize for any confusion.”

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