September 24, 2022

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Facebook Lite for Android gets dark mode even before the main app does

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Facebook Lite gets dark mode

Since the system-wide toggle arrived last year, the dark mode has been rolling out to many Android phones. One would expect that Facebook would probably be among the first apps to get the dark mode. But that was not to be. However, Facebook Lite has now gotten dark mode functionality.

Even though the main Facebook app is yet to get dark mode, several other apps from the company have. Messenger and Instagram have gotten the functionality. Even WhatsApp recently added the feature. Facebook Lite is now the latest addition to the list.

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The dark mode on the Facebook Lite app actually uses a dark gray color instead of true black. The “dark” covers everything from your profile to Settings and more.

Facebook Lite usually gets features well behind the normal Facebook app. So, the fact that it gets dark mode before the normal app is quite surprising. The toggle for the functionality is available in the Settings menu.

It is of note that this is still a server-side rollout and not everyone will get it immediately.

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