Five Best Android Launchers Of 2017

While the stock launchers of many Android-based devices are cool in their own ways, a lot of people still go searching for other Android launchers in order to have a different feel.

I, personally, love tweaking my smartphones as much as I can. Installing a launchers is about the most basic form of extra tweaking one can perform on an Android phone.

This post gives a list of the five best Android launchers of 2017. Of course, it is not a definitive list. This list is based on my experience with some of the launchers, the experience of friends, and also Play Store ratings and reviews.

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In no particular order:

Nova Launcher

Price: Free/$4.99

Best Android Launchers 2017 Best Android Launchers 2017

No doubt Nova Launcher is a favourite of many. Not only has it been around for long, it has made a positive mark in the ‘Launcher’ world. Being around since the good old days, Nova Launcher has maintained its relevance, and remains one of the best Android launchers available.

Some of its notable features are:

  • Icon pack support.
  • Themes.
  • Gesture support.
  • Ability to customise the look of the app.

A simple technique used by Nova Launcher to remain relevant is the rate at which updates are made. With each update comes added functionalities and features, with bugs getting squished.

Nova Launcher allows you to backup the settings you have made on your home screen and restore them when you change your phone. This launcher is definitely solidly in the game.

Click here to download from Play Store

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Next Launcher 3D Shell

Price: Free/$16.99

Best Android Launchers 2017

Next Launcher 3D Shell is developed by GO Dev, which is also the developer of GO Launcher.

With a beautiful and easily customisable interface, this Launcher has kept many people glued to it, especially as a result of the 3D rendering if offers.

Some of its beautiful features are:

  • 3D animation with a variety of transition effects.
  • Scroll bar to spin home screen around and switch between pages.
  • Unique customisation options.

This launcher can be tried for free, and the full version is gotten cheaper if purchased from the trial version, than if purchased directly as a standalone app.

Click here to download from Play Store

Solo Launcher

Price: Free

Best Android Launchers 2017

Best Android Launchers 2017

This launcher is known for allowing users to customise their home screens as much as possible. It allows users to easily do things their way.

Among the features of Solo Launcher are:

  • Gestures.
  • Material Design.
  • Themes and Wallpapers.

While these may seem pretty basic, Solo Launcher gives a lot to do in customising them to taste, ensuring that every possible customisation is included in the settings.

This launcher also includes a speed booster, a cache cleaner and a memory wiper. While these may seem like really useful apps, whether they actually work or not is questionable.

Finally, Solo Launcher is free. So, feel free to include it in your exploration of launchers, at no extra cost.

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Price: Free

Best Android Launchers 2017 Best Android Launchers 2017

Passing from owner to owner, this launcher has a history of its own.

Aviate Launcher was a project which was started started by a handful of developers before Yahoo bought it out.

Features of this launcher include:

  • Sleek, simple layout/interface.
  • Attempt to deliver the app you need when you need it.
  • Smart Stream, a functionality that works a little like Google Now.

Aviate Launcher is free, and it is generally stable.

Click here to download from Play Store

Smart Launcher 3

Price: Free/$4.49

Best Android Launchers 2017 Best Android Launchers 2017

This launcher is not new in the ‘Launcher’ business as it has been around for a while. In the period since it’s been around, it has also received many updates.

Smart Launcher 3 has a lot of useful features such as:

  • Many beautiful ways to display icons – grids, classic flower shape, etc.
  • Ability to have notifications on home screen.
  • Plugin support.
  • Lots and lots of themes.
  • Contextual search.
  • Password lock for apps.

Even with all these features, the launcher does a good job of not misbehaving as a result of overload.

Click here to download from Play Store

In conclusion, while this list is in no particular order, Smart Launcher 3 definitely ranks high among Android launchers.

Do download any of the launchers on this list from Play Store and check it out.

If you happen to have used any of these launchers, feel free to drop a comment about it below. You can also talk about launchers that you believe should be on the list but are absent. Feel free to try any of the launchers on the list out if you have not, and drop your comment, too.

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