Five Best Features Of The Upcoming Android P

Expect some really nice features in this Android version.
Five Best Features Of The Upcoming Android P
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As at now, Android 9, a.k.a Android P, does not seem to have a name yet. Or, at least, Google has kept it a secret so far. However, if the names of older versions are anything to go by, then this version will also likely be named after a sweet.

Even though we are already talking about Android 9, Android fragmentation still seems to be a problem, with more than one billion Android devices still outdated as at the fourth quarter of 2017.

Android P is in the development stage, and if you are a developer, you can manually download the developer version. The full version will probably be made available in the third quarter of 2018. Before the release, Google will likely announce the Beta program. The announcement will reportedly be made in May 2018 at Google I/O.

Now, to the main objective of the post, here are five features that are expected in the upcoming Android P.

Five Features To Expect In Android P

1. Disabling Fingerprint Sensor

One of the biggest features of Android P is that it will allow users to disable the fingerprint sensors on their devices.

2. Native Call Recording

Android P also comes with the Native Call Recording feature. While call recording has been a feature found on many devices running on the Android operating system, this seems to be the first time it is being incorporated into the operating system itself.

3. New Screenshot Tools

The upcoming Android P comes with new screenshot tools to make it easier for users to take and edit screenshots on their devices.

4. Better Security

Security on Android devices has been an important topic of discussion for a while, especially considering the fact that Nokia said that Android OS was less secure than iOS and Windows Mobile OS. In this light, Android P will have better security than the older Android 8 Oreo.

5. Updated Notification Bar

Android P will feature an updated notification bar which will allow users to edit the notifications that they see.

Smartphone Camp will keep you updated with news about Android P as soon as we get the information.

Are you excited about Android P? Do you look forward to having it on your device? Can you guess the name of Android P? Do let us know in the Comments section below.



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