Fortnite Android Download Warning: Mobile Users Need To Read This Release Date News

Android phone users are expecting Fortnite mobile game on their devices, but there are already counterfeits available for download.

Fortnite Android Download Warning: Mobile Users Need To Read This Release Date News

Already, the game has been available for download on iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox. And it seems Android users are also desperate to get their hands on the game.

Fortnite came to Apple’s iOS devices months ago, leaving Android users in the wait. In response, Fortnite has announced when the game will become available for download on the Google Play Store.

Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games confirmed the news, saying that it was targeting the release for this summer. The company also promised to release more information about the Android release when available.

However, Android users are advised not to download Fortnite before getting the official news from Epic Games. This is because a wide variety of malicious apps have been found in search results. It is reported that these malicious apps access cameras, recording audio, and wipe device data.

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According to researchers at Zscaler’s ThreatLabZ, “users should beware of malware authors looking to exploit their desire to play Fortnite on Android.” The researchers also urged users to download games only from authorized and legitimate sources.

Fortnite reportedly made over $233 million in March and $296 million in April across PC, console and mobile. The report also has it that the sale of V-Bucks in-game for all the cosmetic items was the source of the revenue.

When the game gets released for Android, the profits are expected to soar, especially considering the multitude of Android gamers.

Summer 2018 is supposed to start on Thursday, June 21. This means that Android users may get Fortnite within the next four weeks.

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