October 2, 2022

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Galaxy Note 20-series Phones on Sale from $999

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Samsung has finally released their Galaxy Note 20 series for sale. The device is said to have a price range starting from $1000 for the basic Note 20 smartphone. The new series are said to be the most expensive and powerful phones which Samsung will be offering this year 2020. This device will feature the best displays, performance, and array of cameras and sensors, and pen support for your inner artist.

Here is what Android Central’s Daniel Bader has to say concerning this device:

At this point in the smartphone game, buying a Note is either in your vocabulary or it’s another language completely. Especially at this starting price. […] I have absolutely no reservations recommending such an extraordinary phone, but if you don’t need 5G right now, you may want to wait a few months for the networks to improve — and for the Note 20 Ultra’s first inevitable discount.

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The Galaxy Note 20 series is a powerful and expensive flagship series, and it remains one of the best Samsung devices to be released yet despite all its compromises. With its powerful cameras, bright and striking displays, and the beloved S-Pen, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series seems to be a good enough successor for previous Note owners.


Author: Joel Onyeike

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