Google Fixes Pixel XL Charging Bug With May 2018 Security Patch

Google has now taken steps to fix the charging bug which came with the Android 8.1 update to the original Pixel XL.

Google Fixes Pixel XL Charging Bug With May 2018 Security Patch

Not long after the update of the original Pixel XL to Android 8.1, many users took to the internet to lay down their complaints about a charging bug that came with the update. They complained that they could not charge their phones with the included cable and AC adapter.

The bug worked this way:

After plugging the device in, it would start charging, stop charging, resume charging, and then stop charging again, repeating the process over and over until it was full.

In late March, Google attended to the complaints and said that a fix would be rolled out in the following weeks. That fix is finally here, coming with the May 2018 security patch.

As observed in the Pixel/Nexus Security Bulletin, there was the inclusion of an improvement to “adjust Pixel XL charging behavior” in one of the functional patches (reference number A-72851087). This means that the charging problem should stop after updating the Pixel XL to the May Patch.

Do comment below once you’ve installed the new update, to let us know how it’s working for you.



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