September 24, 2022

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Google is reportedly working on a 5G Pixel phone

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Google Pixel 5G

Google has started test production of a 5G-connected Pixel phone. Nikkei Asian Review says the information came from insiders.

The device in question is different from the Google Pixel 4 lineup. The Pixel 4 lineup is already in mass production and only features 4G connectivity. Google will unveil the lineup next week and it will be ready for shipping.

The Pixel 5G, on the other hand, might not be unveiled next week. In fact, it is possible that it will not be unveiled this year. According to the sources, Google could wait until spring to unveil the device. We expect to see the affordable Pixel 4a too at that time.

The test production of the Pixel 5G is happening in China. However, we have information that the manufacture of the units destined for the US market will take place somewhere else. This is to avoid the trade war, and Vietnam is the most probable option.

Google Pixel 5G

At the moment, Pixel has about 0.5% share in the market. Google is reportedly planning to double the 2018 shipments to 10 million units.

If Google indeed launches the Pixel 5G next spring, then that would put it ahead of Apple in terms of launch of a 5G device. Apple won’t renew its premium lineup until September 2020. The rumored SE sequel that may come before then certainly won’t have 5G.

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