September 27, 2022

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Google Pixel 5 Launch Date Leaked

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Google Pixel 5 leak

Google is a versatile, and well known tech company, which is responsible for popular search engine & Google Pixel phones. The company is also popular for their web analytics service, Android Operating system, as well as others. Aside from that, the company is also known for high performing phone brands, known as Pixel.

Google has been producing Pixel phones for a long time now, and to be honest, the phone brand has been really impressive. The phones have access to the better version of all android software, and licences, as well as an impressive GUI.

Here Comes the Leak

Recently, Google unveiled the Pixel 4a; which is a budget smartphone, which has iPhone SE and OnePlus Nord on the run for their money. Although the launch of Pixel 4a, was postponed because of this COVID 19 pandemic; which implies that it will be released alongside Google’s latest flagship.

Google recently thought of discontinuing their Pixel 4, as well as the Pixel 4 XL; aside that, Google hasn’t released any official statement on the latest device the Google Pixel 5. Obviously, the release dates have been suspected to be close by; but the release date of the Google Pixel 5, has unconsciously slipped out from Google itself.

The leak was first spotted by one of 9to5Google’s readers in a now edited blog post, which announced the launch of the Pixel 4a on Google France’s website.

The actual post mentioned a pre-order date for both the Pixel 4a 5G model, and that of the Google Pixel 5 as well. It was later on noticed that the post was deleted, apparently by Google’s website content administrators.

Rumors state that the Pixel 5 isn’t going to be part of the usual premium flagship franchise, since Google is opting for a more mid-tier market this year, due to the success of the company’s earlier version of its Pixel 3a.

So! For those asking about the release date of the Pixel 4, you can pick this budget smartphone in the UK by October, and in the US on August 20, for £349, and $349 respectively.

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Author: Joel Onyeike

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