September 26, 2022

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Google to pay a $100 Million Fine in Italy for Market Dominance

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Google is definitely one of the biggest tech companies in the whole world. It has the largest search engine and is one of the largest internet companies. So, it is no surprise that the company usually finds itself in lots of litigation. One of the most frequent issues that come up is the monopoly issue.

Over the past few years, there have been reports that Google was suppressing smaller companies with its dominant presence in the market. Now, the company has been fined $121 million. The Italian Anti-Monopoly Agency announced that it imposed this fine.

According to the agency, the fine is as a result of Google abusing its dominant market position. In addition to the fine, the agency wants Google to provide Enel X’s application for electric car charging-related services on Android Auto.

Of course, the Alphabet subsidiary is not new to fines like this. Just in December last year, French data privacy regulator CNIL also announced that it imposed a €100 million ($121 million) fine on Google. This was because the company’s cookie web tracking function violated relevant regulations.

Asides from the monopoly issues, Google also has to deal with user data handling and privacy issues. In fact, the search giant is somewhat in trouble right now for still having access to a large amount of data, even in incognito mode on its Chrome browser. There is also the issue of forceful acceptance of cookies. However, a recent announcement from the company has revealed that this will stop soon.

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