Google Wallet And Android Pay Are Finally United Under One Brand

Now, there is only one simple name to bother your head with.
Google Wallet And Android Pay Are Finally United Under One Brand
Google Wallet + Android Pay = Google Pay

The platforms put in place by Google for payment have been confusing for users. This is due to the fact that Google originally offered tap-to-pay with the Google Wallet badge but eventually moved that functionality to the Android Pay platform. With this move, Google Wallet was turned into a money transfer service. The mess of the whole change process has understandably caused confusion among users.

In an attempt to counter this confusion, Google has decided to offer all its payment services under a single Google Pay brand. This new branding is already seen on services such as Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse and Instacart. It is envisaged to get to other services soon.

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The new singular brand of Google Pay does not bring much change. It is not a functional change at the moment. However, it will make the concept easier for users to understand. Now, you will see the same name whether you are buying a gift on the web or tapping your phone at the cashier.



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