High-end Android Smartphones Still Too Expensive: MediaTek

What exactly is the chipmaker driving at with that notion?

High-end Android Smartphones Still Too Expensive: MediaTek

Many smartphone users complain of the high price of smartphones in the market today. Taiwanese chipmaker, MediaTek, also believes that high-end Android smartphones are still too expensive. Devices such as the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, and Huawei Mate 10 Pro all have huge price tags.

MediaTek is now targeting a new market in the upper price bracket that does not consist of the very best models money can buy. The company plans to spearhead that value-oriented push with the new Helio P60 SoC which is the world’s first mid-range silicon that goes beyond the 14nm process and attempts to deliver an unprecedented level of energy efficiency and performance in the market segment that is just below that of ultra-premium Android devices like the Galaxy S9.

With the Helio P60, MediaTek is hoping to carve a new niche, and convince customers that they do not have to pay the huge amounts they do for functionalities that they do not even need.

One of such ‘unneeded’ features is the QHD. The Helio P60 only supports FHD+ displays. However, it still has the ability to power high-resolution cameras such as a dual-camera setup of 20MP and 16MP sensors, and a single 32MP setup.

This new chip also comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, together with its various applications. MediaTek believes that these applications are more beneficial to consumers at the moment, and will still be in the nearest feature.

With a large number of new handsets being produced by companies from China, MediaTek believes that its new mid-range chip for Android devices will not lack buyers. The company also expects the rest of the industry to accept its value-oriented proposition.

With the rate at which mobile phone technology is advancing, mid-range mobile devices are now competing harder with their ultra-premium counterparts. This may be an advantage to MediaTek.

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