How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On Android

How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On Android
  • You can bypass Google’s restriction from playing YouTube videos in the background.
  • You can do this using the Telegram app.
  • You can also do it via Google’s Chrome Browser.

In today’s world, YouTube has become the television of the internet. Many youths today spend more time watching YouTube videos than watching the television.

While it is possible to view YouTube videos from mobile browsers, YouTube itself has an application for users to play videos directly.

However, there is a limitation with the YouTube app. Normally, you can watch tons of videos as long as you are on the app, but once you minimise the app, you cannot keep listening to the audio; the video just stops playing, unless you cheat a little, anyway. Or unless you use YouTube Red (which is not even supported in some countries) at a subscription.

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While there are smartphones which support split-screen multitasking, it definitely is still not equal to having the whole screen to oneself for something else. So, how can you play YouTube videos in the background?

How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On Android

This post explains two methods by which you can bypass this background play limitation. Well, for some, it is not exactly a limitation in the first place, but for others who like to keep YouTube videos playing while they do other things, knowing how to play the videos in background would be a breakthrough.

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Background Playing Via Telegram App

Telegram Messaging app is an Instant Messaging app that is beginning to gain much popularity. Having so many functionalities, it is gradually becoming the choice of many.

Now, with the ability to play YouTube video links directly from the Android version of the app, Telegram is sure standing firm in the IM Market.

Once you receive the link to any YouTube video on your Telegram account, you can get to play it directly without getting redirected to YouTube or some other app. Interestingly again, you can message yourself on Telegram.

It works this way. If there is any YouTube video whose audio you would like to listen to in the background, all you have to do, is send the link to the video to yourself on Telegram. After sending the link, just open the video without clicking the link.

Now, to see if the trick works, just minimise Telegram as the video is playing. You will continue to hear the audio in the background. What’s more, even if you turn off the screen of your phone, the video keeps playing, and you keep hearing the audio.

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Background Playing Via Chrome browser

Another beautiful method to play YouTube videos in the background is through Google’s Chrome browser on Android.

To use this method, make sure that you open the desktop version of the YouTube site in Chrome.

When using the desktop version of the site, you can easily play the video in the browser, minimise the app, open the notification shade, and play or pause from there. Even when the phone’s screen is locked, you can still pause and play from the notification screen. You can even further open new tabs in Chrome to continue browsing as usual.

In short, follow these steps to use Chrome:

  • Open YouTube on your Chrome browser.
  • Click on the menu button (three-dot) at the top right.
  • Select ‘Request Desktop Site’.
  • Go to the video you want to play, and press ‘Play’.
  • If you get a ‘YouTube wants to send you notifications’, simply accept it.
  • Minimise the Chrome browser, and resume playback from the notification shelf to keep the video playing in the background.

While it may seem that YouTube has made some things impossible, these things have already been made possible simply by applying some tricks. The two methods explained in this post depict two tricks to play YouTube videos in the background. Let us hope that Google does not block them out any time soon. Note that the first method was tested on the Google Pixel 2. Also, try to use the latest Official Telegram Version.

Do let us know if these methods work for you.



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