June 22, 2022

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro to be available in France on December 9

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Huawei’s flagship smartphones, Mate 30 series was released few months back. The device does not have access to Google Mobile Services (GMS). Although, this has made the sales of the device outside China low, Huawei announced that the smartphone sold around 7 million units in two months.

Despite the Mate 30 Series not having Google services, the device is set to be available in France soon. However, there are doubts as to whether the Mate 30 Pro would be acceptable in the French market, owing to its lack of GMS, and seeing as it would be the first Android smartphone that operates without Google Mobile Services to hit the French Market. Official news affirms that the Huawei will not withdraw from the French market, but rather take on the risk of bringing the Mate 30 Pro to the market, starting from December 9.

The device will reportedly be exclusive on sale only on Huawei’s official website at a price of €1099 ($1213).

Author: Babatunde EsanBabatunde Esan is in his penultimate year at the University of Ilorin, studying History and International Studies. He is versatile and an all round creative with a passion for writing, smartphones and technologies.

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