Huawei Says Its New Smartphone Chip Is Faster Than Snapdragon In Almost Every Way

When talking about SoCs, the battle for dominance has been fierce over the years. From Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8xx series to Apple’s A series of chips, the competition has been strong. These two chipsets have been running a kind of duopoly in the industry.

However, the chip that appears to be set to disrupt this duopoly is Huawei’s Kirin 980, which the company has confirmed will power the Mate 20.

Huawei Says Its New Smartphone Chip Is Faster Than Snapdragon In Almost Every Way

Ahead of the IFA trade show in Berlin, Huawei revealed all the details about this new chipset, confirming that it will power its next flagship smartphones. This is starting with the Mate 20, which is expected to launch in October.

The details revealed about the Kirin 980 chipset showed that it actually enjoys many firsts:

  • It is the first smartphone chip built with a 7-nanometer process.
  • It is the first SoC to support the ultra-fast 2,133MHz LPDDR4X memory.
  • It is the first smartphone chip with an integrated 1.4Gbps Cat.21 modem.
  • It is the first SoC to feature ARM’s Cortex-A76 CPU as well as its new Mali-G76 GPU.

To the average smartphone user, all these probably do not matter much. What users want to see is performance. As regards this, Huawei also revealed that the Kirin 980 offers about 75% better performance than the last generation. This includes an improvement of 58% in power efficiency.

Mashable reported that Huawei actually showed a lot of charts which reveal the Kirin 980 to be significantly faster than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip.

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Amazing Features To Expect In Huawei’s Kirin 980 Chip

  • Artificial Intelligence-based prediction of CPU loading. This means that the smartphone running on this chip should activate its resources when needed, and save energy while doing something less computationally intensive.
  • Faster app launch times than Snapdragon 845.
  • Significantly faster image recognition. This will allow the smartphone using it to recognize 4,500 images per minute.
  • Better real-time processing for video.
  • Better performance of the chip’s modem in tough scenarios such as in a high-speed rail.
  • Wi-Fi should be the “world’s fastest”, thanks to Huawei’s in-house Wi-Fi chipset.
  • More precise GPS.

While these features are quite amazing, one cannot be so sure how exactly the Kirin 980 chipset will perform until it is tested independently. But if previous generations are anything to go by, Huawei’s Kirin processors have been making Huawei’s top phones roughly as fast as Samsung and Apple flagships. If the Kirin 980 really has all these features, then the Mate 20 will be an even more powerful device than is expected.

Do you think the Kirin 980 chipset will actually disrupt the duopoly of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8xx series and Apple’s A series of chips? Do let us know in the Comments section below.

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