October 1, 2022

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iPhone 12 Launch Might Be Delayed Further!

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Apple’s launch event which is supposed to bring the iPhone 12 series to the world may be delayed from September this year. A fresh leak from yesterday suggests that the iPhone 12 series is expected to be unveiled in October this year. Even with the postponement of the launch event, shipping of the product is expected to begin within a week of the launch.

The recent development seems to be as a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted the global supply chain, resulting in unplanned production issues. Apple had recently confirmed the delay of the iPhone 12’s availability by a few weeks. A popular YouTuber, Jon Prosser suggests that Apple’s annual iPhone launch event this year be held in the week starting October 12.

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Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 are tipped to start the same week as its launch, and Jon Posser claims that shipping will begin on the first week from October 19 onwards. If the above reports are true, this would mean that Apple wouldn’t be conforming to its traditional September launch event timeline this year.

Although the reasons for the delay have not been fully specified, the tipster stated that iPhone 12 Pro’s availability will be around November. Obviously, Pre-orders and shipping will not begin before November.

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News arriving confirm that in September, we may see the launch of the next-gen Apple watch and a new iPad. Leaks have also confirmed that these devices will be unveiled through a press release on the week of September 7.

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Some of the issues mentioned include the quality of the iPhone 12’s camera productions, as well as device speaker productions. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that the tech giant will look to source more cameras from its second choice of supply, who hasn’t run into quality issues during the production process.

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Apple devices are the most used in the world, and a fault in their latest devices could give them an undesirable name; therefore proper preparations need to be ensured for optimum delivery. Apple CFO Luca Maestri confirmed a slight delay in the availability of the iPhone 12 series, only by a few weeks.

What we know for certain is that more clarity would be attained if the delay is to be extended.

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