September 25, 2022

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iPhone 12- What to Expect: Price, Features.

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Apple users get ready because this is the final and most innovative product Apple will ever release on the iPhone platform for this year!

If you probably didn’t read the sentence thoroughly, you would have thought I said iPhone was never going to be produced again! gotcha, but here’s the fact, there aren’t going to be anymore iPhones this year, with the latest release’s price hitting the moon.

I’m sure you’ve definitely heard of Apple and the iPhone, but if you haven’t! Then take up your smartphone and Google up Apple Now! From the previous paragraph, recall I said that the iPhone’s price will definitely skyrocket! It will, but this is the last time iPhone will do so.

You might be wondering why I said so, and how I know so. The truth, and many more will be revealed in this article.

The iPhone

The iPhone is a subsidiary product of Apple. It has proven to boost sale for apple over a long period of time; making it Apple’s must sold product.

Studies have shown that iPhone has been generating revenue over the past six years from insignificant hike in retail, and wholesale prices. Formerly, you could get your hands on an iPhone for as little as $120.

Currently if you plan on getting a brand new, quality, and high-performance iPhone product, you should budget at least $1200.

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Apple’s iPhone has released varieties of the iPhone starting from the iPhone to the iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6s, 7, 7s, 8, 8s, 8s max, 9, X, Xs, Xs max, and finally the current iPhone 11, and its other subsidiaries.

The iPhone has proven to be apple’s most sold product since its introduction in the early 2000s. With the increase in the need for efficiency, and multi-tasking products, which are durable, and effective, the sale of iPhones are just getting bigger.

Also, with the introduction of the iPhone 12, which critics hope will be the end of the iPhone production, things have just started getting better!

The iPhone 12

iPhone 12 rumors: Apple might not launch its next phone until ...

Apple has been known to generally unveil its flagships in September. However, if recent leaks are anything to go by, then the launch of the iPhone 12 will be delayed till October, 2020. Early rumors also indicate a very large difference in the designing and other features pertaining to the iPhone.

Enough of the chit-chat, let’s take a comprehensive look at some of the iPhone 12’s features.


So! Here under this sub-topic, we’ll discuss on the different features of the iPhone 12 which you should expect.


The current design of the iPhone 12 has been rumoured to look just like that of the iPhone 4. This theory indicates that iPhone has gone back to the days of slab-sided design.

The iPhone 12 will still feature curved glass edges, located around the Phones display; just like iPhone 11! Rumours also indicate that the phone will be an all stainless-steel body, and will also have three cameras, and a flash light.

The iPhone 12 has LCP which stands for Liquid Crystal Polymer. LCP is a material used in creating phone antennas, due to its temperature resistance, and reduced electrical losses.

These design features will be common to the iPhone 12, and its subsidiaries.


The iPhone 12, and its other subsidiaries such as the iPhone 12 Pro, Max, Pro Max, and others, will have a full body display.

This decision by the production company implies that the iPhone 12’s front screen will be about 6.1 inches to 6.7 inches depending on the type you buy.

The iPhone 12’s screens have also been rumoured to be built as an OLED. This action will benefit users with battery optimization, and other people with eye issues.

Officially, iPhone 12 will come with an enhanced retina display along with its OLED lights.


The iPhone 12’s processor is the all new A14 processor, which boasts of refresh rates of about 120Hz on all pro models. This processor speed is actually impressive, and will be great for people looking forward to combine tasks while working.


Apple’s products always come with sufficient space to enable its users store large quantity of information, and this device is not left out.

The iPhone 12 and its models will come with large storage spaces, which will be detailed below: iPhone 12 (128GB), Pro (256GB), Max (512GB), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (1TB).

These are the available storage spaces for the iPhone. On the other hand, here are some of the RAM sizes for each model: iPhone 12 Pro & Pro MAX (6GB RAM), iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 MAX (4GB RAM). This size of RAM is fast enough to launch hard-core applications, games, and so on.


The iPhone 12 and its models have been rumoured to feature the latest in network connectivity, the 5G.

In our other articles where we spoke on the different features of the 5G Network, you’ll notice that the 5G is the next big thing for people looking to further advance in technology, marketing and so on.

It will also aid other industries such as education, and welfare in performing their required services, with its super-fast internet speed.

The 5G cuts across different industries, and provides fast solutions where it is needed.

Also, the latest Bluetooth, Hotspot, and Wi-Fi are said to have been added to the different models of this new product.


Apple users accustomed to the new upgrades which have been implemented in the iPhone 11, will not be surprised to see some of those features in the iPhone 12.

The only difference between the existing features, and those in the new phone, is the upgrade. Well, here is an upgrade for you to feast your mind on.

The iPhone 12 will come with four cameras, which will aid capture even the fastest movement, with its movement sensor.


Nothing much has been said about the iPhone 12’s battery. The only rumour released is that the iPhone 12’s battery would be relatively smaller than that of the iPhone 11 or others.

So! That’s all for the iPhone specs, and reviews. Remember that these are just rumours, and some of these might not appear in the original phone.

Anyway, I’m sure you enjoyed reading about the latest on the iPhone 12, do enjoy, and drop comments below so we know what you think!


Author: Joel Onyeike

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