iPhone X Still Has This One Major Advantage Over Its Newer Android Rivals

Just this year, so many Android devices have been released already. Many are still set to be released later this year. Even with that, the iPhone X still has a major advantage over these devices.

iPhone X Still Has This One Major Advantage Over Its Newer Android Rivals

Apple announced and released the iPhone X late last year. When the phone was released, there were funny reactions to its release all over the internet.

The iPhone X was the first iPhone to ditch the home button. However, the main distinguishing factor of the iPhone X was the new way to unlock the device. The technology incorporated in the iPhone X for the Face ID to work was unique to the device.

This unlock feature worked by carrying out a kind of 3D scanning of the user’s face via a front-facing camera system dubbed TrueDepth. When reviewed, the iPhone X’s Face ID actually exceeded expectations in speed and accuracy.

With the Face ID, you simply lift the phone to your face, and watch it unlock. This process is almost instantaneous. It happens as soon as you raise the phone to your face. Now, it is not exactly as fast as Touch ID, but at least it works consistently.

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Since the release of the iPhone X, a number of Android flagships have come up to compete against this Face ID system. But so far, they all seem to have come short. Only recently, it was discovered that OnePlus 6 face unlock can be fooled by a simple printout.

The LG G7’s face unlock system has been tested and seen to unlock the device in a couple of seconds. That’s still enough delay to make other unlock options more appealing.

Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy S9 allows users to unlock their phones using face detection technology. It can snap the user’s face or iris separately. In addition, you can use the phone’s intelligent Scan feature for a hybrid of the two options.

However, it has been observed that there are times the phone failed to recognise users’ faces. Some users have had to revert to the fingerprint sensor as the primary unlocking method.

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Both the LG and the Samsung device also appeared to have some issues when attempting to unlock them while walking in unfamiliar lighting conditions.

So far, the Face ID unlocking system of the iPhone X has been seen to be the fastest and most reliable of the lot. There is no other option to unlock the device. However, a user can opt to manually input their passcode.

With Apple’s success on Face ID, the company may introduce it in subsequent iPhone releases. A refining of the software and hardware may however be needed to eliminate the very rare instances the first generation failed to unlock the iPhone X.

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Do you think any Android device will be able to successfully compete with the Face ID on the iPhone X this year? Let us know in the Comment section below.



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