September 26, 2022

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Kirin Processor To Stop Production With Huawei Mate 40

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Huawei to stop releasing Kirin SoCs due to US pressure

TSMC, which is short for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the world’s dedicated semiconductor producer since 1987. This great company is responsible for Huawei’s famous Kirin processor.

There are recent rumors of the flagship chipset being stopped this September. TSMC will ship all Kirin 1020 processors which Huawei ordered to power the Mate 40 by September 14.

Rumors have it that the Mate 40 will be the last smartphone to feature the Kirin chipset. This decision leaves Huawei with only two other processor options; Qualcomm or MediaTek.

Qualcomm has made its move by lobbying the US government to remove restrictions, and also permit them to sell their Snapdragon processors to Huawei.

If Qualcomm, which is based in San Diego manages to sign a deal with Huawei to supply mobile processors, it would definitely be an advantage over Samsung, and MediaTek.

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More on Chipsets

Another choice Huawei has, is to rely on SMIC, which is short for Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.

SMIC is china’s biggest contract chip manufacturer, known for producing the 14nm chips. The problem, however, is that their 14nm chips are two-generations behind TSMC’s 7nm chips; with TSMC even going further by producing latest 5nm processors (yet to be released).

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has been said to have in one way or another made a notable impact on Huawei with his administration, and here’s how they helped.

Most of Huawei’s products do not support Google services, and this has been a giant setback for them in major markets, such as India, and Europe.

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The disappearance of the Kirin processor in Huawei’s phones is another devastating blow, due to the price, and specs.

Hopefully, they’ll scale through this impending storm, but the future is quite bleak!

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Author: Joel Onyeike

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