Learn To Build Android Apps With The Help Of This $17 Online Course

This is a nice deal you don’t want to miss.
Learn To Build Android Apps With The Help Of This $17 Online Course
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Considering the fact that Android is currently the most popular mobile platform in the world, now is a good time to pick up Android programming skills.

Sometime last year, a report showed that about 88% of smartphones ran on the Android Operating System. This put a wide gap between Android and second-placed iOS.

With The Complete Android Developer Course – Build 14 Apps, you can now learn the development of Android M, Google’s most recent release of the platform. What’s more? You can get access to this course at the price of just $17, slashed from the former $199. This means a 91% discount. Seize the opportunity. It may not last long.

This course has 17 sections, more than 232 lectures, and 31.5 hours of content. It covers everything about app development from the beginning to the end. With the course, you get to learn how to build real Android apps like Instagram and Uber.

With the course, you also learn how to market via Google Ads, how to leverage the latest Android M features like App Permissions and Android Pay, and how to submit your creation to Google Play.

This complete Android development course is for you whether you want to boost your resume or you want to build on a hobby.

Click here to gain access to the Course.



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