Microsoft Is Selling The Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy S9 is being sold by Microsoft online and offline.

Microsoft Is Selling The Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Phone

While it is no longer news that Microsoft is no longer making its own phones, it does not really mean that the company is not selling other vendors’ phones in its stores.

Microsoft Is Selling The Samsung Galaxy S9 Android PhoneTalking of other vendors’ phones, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is available in Microsoft Stores, and can be preordered from Microsoft now for March 16 shipment. Not only is this device available on Microsoft’s online store; it is also available in some brick-and-mortar Microsoft Stores in the United States.

Earlier reports suggested that there was a “Microsoft Edition” of the Galaxy S9 available in the US, and that it comes with Cortana, Skype, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Launcher.

However, Microsoft has refuted that claim, explaining that a Galaxy S9 bought at their Stores will provide the same experience as one bought from Samsung.

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