Microsoft Launcher For Android Updated With Cortana Integration

Microsoft keeps enhancing its products for mobile platforms.
Microsoft Launcher For Android Updated With Cortana Integration
Source: Android Police

It is no longer news that Microsoft has not been successful on the mobile front with their own brand of devices and software, considering the fact that the Lumia and Microsoft series have not had strong footholds in the market.

However, one area in which Microsoft has been covering up for this, is the pushing out of their own products and services on other mobile platforms. The Company’s Office product is not new in this, and Cortana is also involved. Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant, and it launched for the iPad not long ago.

One other Microsoft product which is popular in the mobile world is the Microsoft Launcher, which already got updated with new features not long ago. Microsoft Launcher was listed among the five best Android launchers of 2017, and the Company seems to be interested in keeping it that way.

Source: YouTubeNow, it seems that Microsoft is trying to use the “Launcher” medium to make Cortana known by more people. This, the Company is doing, by integrating Cortana into Microsoft Launcher for Android, as evident in the latest update of the launcher.

Microsoft Launcher For Android Updated With Cortana Integration

The implication of this move is that users of Microsoft Launcher will no longer need to install a separate app for Cortana, as it will come built into the launcher, making it easier to access.

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