September 25, 2022

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Motorola One 5G – Features, Pricing & Review

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Motorola is to launch a new mid-range 5G phone in the US, said to be the Motorola One 5G and will cost below $500. The Motorola One 5G is the company’s second 5G device, with the Moto G 5G Plus  earlier released in Europe this summer as its predecessor.

Recent teases show that the smartphone will differ from its predecessor in two notable ways: first it’ll be actually available in the US. Also, it’ll offer a special mmWave variant for Verizon similar to other midrangers like Samsung Galaxy A51 UW and LG Velvet UW.

Like other midrangers released this year, this device will feature a Snapdragon 765G Processor, 4GB RAM – 128GB ROM Storage, a 5000mAh battery, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and NFC. The device has a 6.7-inch screen FHD+ display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. When it comes to cameras, the device packs two hole-punch cameras- a primary 16MP shooter and a secondary 8MP ultrawide angle lens.

The devices is also rumoured to lack wireless charging and waterproofing. One of the features which enables the Motorola One 5G stand out for now is its 5G support, which none of the other Moto G or Moto E devices have offered.

However, the fact that the faster mmWave specification will only be available to the Verizon variant of the Flagship. But look on the bright side! Since Motorola is going to be launching the 5G service in its cheaper model phones.

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The device is also going to feature a “Power touch” button on the side of the device. This power touch button will have an integrated fingerprint sensor, enabling some touch gestures offering functions similar to the “edge touch” action bar on the Motorola Edge series.

The Motorola One 5G has a Quad-camera setup, which include a 48MP main camera shooting quad-pixel stills at 12MP sizes, an 8MP 118-degree ultrawide, and a 2MP depth sensor. As the tradition is with Motorola, the device’s Quad-camera setup features a dedicated 5MP macro camera with a second, ring light flash around the macro lens.

The Motorola One 5G will be sold through both AT&T and Verizon in the US (right now, Motorola isn’t announcing any plans for an unlocked version), and there’s no exact price or release date yet, although Motorola did confirm that the One 5G will cost under $500.

That said, it’s not clear if the sub-$500 price will apply to just the AT&T version or if the Verizon model will also be affected by that price point due to the fact that Verizon’s mmWave variants of other 2020 phones have nearly universally included a price increase.


Author: Joel Onyeike

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