September 26, 2022

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Motorola RAZR 2019 Design unveiled

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Motorola RAZR 2019 foldable smartphone renders

Motorola RAZR 2019 foldable smartphone renders

Motorola RAZR 2019 is the next in line of foldable phones. After the release of the Galaxy fold (which sold out in 5 minutes in China) and the Huawei Mate X which were on the expensive side and quite bulky, the Moto RAZR 2019 is expected to cost lesser and will be lighter than its more popular competitors.

Motorola officially confirmed the design of the RAZR through its new cover photo on Twitter. The image confirmed that previous leaks of the RAZR are accurate.

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The Motorola RAZR 2019 is expected to have a display of 6.2-6.5″. The exact Snapdragon chipset the phone will use is not clear at the moment. As per the storage, it is expected to have 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage or 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage. The battery capacity is rumored to be quite small, between 2510 mAh and 2730 mAh.

The device is expected to be first released this year, then in January for the European market. It should be priced at $1,500.

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