September 27, 2022

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Netflix Adds a Shuffle Button To Users Home Screen!

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Netflix recently tested a shuffle feature which enables users randomly select what movie to watch. The company confirmed that the feature is still in a test phase, and it has been characterised as a big button labelled “Shuffle Play” right on the Netfilx home screen, below the users profile icon.

When a user presses the button, Netflix will randomly play content it supposes will interest the user. Content could be a movie or show under the genre the user is currently watching or has been saved on a list.

The new button is currently available on the Netflix App for TV devices, amazing lots of users. The company reported the idea to our source, as being able to help users quickly and easily locate content tailored to their taste.

Honestly, Netflix has been putting their best efforts at engaging and entertaining users with contents, by launching different varieties of features and test. Some of these tests include screensavers on its TV Apps, pre-roll videos, etc. The company hopes to build their reputation with all these features, so that watching Netflix would feel like watching traditional TV.

Netflix try-outs

The new “Shuffle Play” button is the latest in a long series of tests which Netflix has carried out to make the shuffle concept operational. An example is the shuffle mode which allows you to click on a popular show to start playing a random episode introduced last year. Reports show that this feature whilst favouring some users, annoys others!

Recently, Netflix users discovered a shuffle option titled “Play Something” in their TV app’s sidebar navigation. The company has confirmed all variations on the general “Shuffle mode” concept, which it’s been trying out across surfaces.

Some of the test include “profile gate” but so far, the only thing close to making users a little happy is the “Shuffle Play” button on the profile screen, as we’re told.

The company recently started releasing the new test to members online last month, as it was only available to TV devices. Netflix is yet to decide on if or when it will launch a shuffle feature publicly, as feedback of the current tests are needed to compare results.

What do you think about the new feature?! Is it here to stay?! Leave a comment so we can know what you think!


Author: Joel Onyeike

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