September 27, 2022

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New Poco Device to Be Launched Soon In India

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Poco is a working smartphone under the Xiaomi platform, for Indian consumers. This brand in a Twitter video has highlighted that the new device would be launched very soon.

The device’s name, however, remains unknown; the video released on twitter displays Xiaomi’s apparent dedication towards “Made in India” initiative.

Xiaomi has considered releasing more details concerning the upcoming Poco smartphone in coming days. Aside from Xiaomi’s commitment to producing “Made in India” products, as well as following the countries security, and data policies.

More on Poco

A report from, explains that the reason behind the “Made in India” campaign is due to recent anti-china sentiments in the country.  

Another speculation is that the company might launch its Poco F2 Pro, which was first launched in May, earlier this year, in Europe.

A Twitter post teased that a new phone called Poco M2 Pro is reportedly being produced, for a massive debut in India.

Poco to Retain Its 'Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't ...

Although Poco has not officially confirmed the production of the Poco M2 Pro, it was reported that the phone recently got its Bluetooth SIG, as well as its WiFi Alliance certifications.

This move for certifications suggests that this upcoming smartphone will definitely be launched soon.

Don’t worry, the new phone wouldn’t be the only thing unboxed, it’ll be accompanied by a new wireless earphone, which the company would launch soon.

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The company had earlier announced their recent entry into the wireless earphones market, with their Poco Pop Buds; which will definitely amaze their consumers.

Although the brand first announced it was working on its TWS earphones early in April. They also confirmed that the product will arrive in India real soon.

It was also revealed that the Poco earphone’s name was crowd-sourced; showing the company’s interest in serving their consumers properly.

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Author: Joel Onyeike

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