New Samsung Leak Reveals Plans For Faster Galaxy S10 Updates

Over time, Samsung has been behind when it comes to the area of Android updates. However, new leaks from online benchmarking tools suggest that that is about to change. The leaks reveal test software on the Galaxy S10, that is more up to date than ever before.

New Samsung Leak Reveals Plans For Faster Galaxy S10 Updates
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The Galaxy S10 is expected to be launched early next year, just like the Galaxy S9 early this year and the Galaxy S8 early last year. Of course, one would expect that the company is currently carrying out tests on the software and hardware of the device. This is exactly what the South Korean giant is busy doing.

The hardware part is probably pretty much locked in. But the software can always be improved upon, even after launch. The updates after launch have generally been Samsung’s problem over the years. We understand that it is not an easy task to roll out updates to Android. It is in this regard that Google started the Android One program.

However, for a company like Samsung which places much importance on its visual identity (via TouchWiz), the Android One program may not exactly work well. Instead, there has to be changes to Android’s underlying structure for easier Android updates.

With the introduction of the Project Treble feature by Google in Android 8 Oreo, things might actually speed up. Project Treble works by separating core Android code from the layer containing the various customizations made by phone vendors. This whole process makes it easier to administer, test, and deploy Android software updates.

Online benchmarking is already reporting the Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965) running Android 9 Pie. This is a significant increase in development pace, considering that Android 9 Pie was released less than a month ago.

What this means is that Galaxy S9 and S9+ users may likely get the update to Android 9 Pie sooner than expected. This is also good news for the Galaxy S10 family already. The fast turnaround means that Samsung may distribute patches, security updates, or major version jumps, in a faster manner.

Improving on the speed of releasing updates to their devices could be a major turnaround for Samsung. Having it that way on the Galaxy S10 may actually make it more attractive to potential customers.

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