September 25, 2022

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Nokia Feature Phone with Android, Selfie Camera, and Google Assistant Button leaks

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Nokia Feature Phone with Android, Selfie Camera, and Google Assistant Button (Featured Image)

For some time, there have been rumors of a Nokia feature phone coming up. Back at CES 2019, we saw a Nokia N9 [lookalike] which piqued interests. It is still not clear if it was some employee playing pranks by putting the iconic Nokia N9 alongside KaiOS feature phones or if it was some prototype Google mistakenly displayed. Either way, that fueled the rumors that we were about to get a Nokia feature phone.

Later in 2019, there was a more serious leak of a Nokia feature phone. The phone appeared in a video, running some version of Android. Now, it appears that we will indeed get the feature phone, and the launch may be just around the corner.

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A sketch of a Nokia feature phone has now surfaced. From the sketch, we see a phone with a physical keyboard and a centrally-placed Google Assistant button. The phone also sports a selfie camera.

In addition to the sketch, there is reportedly a document which connects the sketch to Nokia Mobile. This lends some credence to the credibility of the sketch.

The first photo of the Nokia feature phone appeared last year July. This means that the phone has likely been in development for at least a year. Just recently, a Nokia feature phone with model number TA-1316 passed FCC. This may or may not be the device from the sketch, but it is worth a mention.

We cannot yet tell when this Nokia feature phone will hit the market, but we know it is only a matter of time.

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