OnePlus 6 Face Unlock Can Be Fooled By A Simple Printout

OnePlus 6 Face Unlock Can Be Fooled By A Simple Printout
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In recent times, the face unlock feature has gained grounds in smartphones without home buttons.

This feature was meant to be a more secure method of unlocking one’s smartphone, preventing unauthorized access. However, it appears that there is a way to cheat the system and gain access without the user’s actual face.

The technology was adopted by Apple in the iPhone X, and by Samsung in the Galaxy S9. OnePlus recently joined the wagon with the OnePlus 6, but it has been discovered that it is possible to unlock the phone using just a printed color copy of the owner’s face.

In the actual sense, it appears that even a black and white photo works as well. What this means is that the feature which was supposed to improve security seems to be less secure that was thought.

Now, the main issue is in the technology itself. While the iPhone X uses a 3D mapping technology, the OnePlus 6 simply unlocks the phone by determining the distances between various areas on a user’s face. The device then compares these distances with those on the original scan.

OnePlus has clarified that the facial unlock feature was a way to improve on convenience, and that it was not switched on for apps used for things such as banking. Owners are advised to use a PIN, password or fingerprint sensor to increase security on such apps. In addition, the company added that it was constantly working on improving all of its technology.

It is of note that, last year, even the iPhone X was tricked into unlocking by Bkav security researchers. This, they did by constructing 3D masks to fool the device.

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