September 24, 2022

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Qualcomm To Sell Chips To Huawei

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The world of chip-sets is an extra-ordinary world; since they are the base of operations of all smart devices. Qualcomm is looking at making giant waves in this world, and this topic would be a giant leap for this tech company.

Huawei was recently sanctioned by the US government, resulting in the company’s inability to self-produce processor chips. The company has been forced to source their SoCs from other producers, such as MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Samsung.

With reference to our recent posts, for our consistent readers, you would have realised this by now. As we released the news some days ago. Huawei also mentioned that the Mate 40-series might certainly be the last Huawei smartphones powered by an in-house Kirin chipset.

More on Qualcomm’s Presentation

Qualcomm on the other hand, has seen this as an opportunity to lobby the US government to let them produce, and supply chips for Huawei. In its recent presentation, Qualcomm mentioned that Huawei will inevitably lose their ability to source hardware for the production of 5G phones in the nearest future.

Qualcomm president admits no Huawei business in sight - Nikkei ...

Qualcomm also stated that the tech giant could seek partnership with other non-US companies, such as Samsung, and MediaTek, putting the US at a significant loss in terms of tax returns.

Rumors suggest that Huawei is looking into a partnership with MediaTek this year, thus facilitating Qualcomm’s $8 billion/year loss.

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It has been noted that the two tech giants; Qualcomm & Huawei, have worked in the past, and look forward to a possible collaboration. Such collaboration could be possible since the former specializes in the production of low-end to mid-range chips for some of Huawei’s smartphones. Although, Huawei appreciates

Qualcomm’s efficiency, the high tech company has never used the latter’s chips for its high-end smartphones.

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Author: Joel Onyeike

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