October 1, 2022

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Samsung’s upcoming S-series and Foldable Smartphones could support the Stylus Pen

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Global Tech giant Samsung will be launching the next Galaxy S flagship smartphone series early in 2021. A recent report from South Korean Publication The Elec stated that there will again be three (3) separate models of the phone, just like others. Also, the publication stated that the top model will feature the use of S Pen support.

The S Pen is the only major difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. The pen has been designed with Wacom’s digital pen technology, which is compatible with all Galaxy Note devices with an active digitizer layer underneath the display.

In older upgrades, Samsung added a battery, which powers a small Bluetooth Low Energy Chip. It also features a six-axis motion sensor used for gesture detection. Recent upgrades on the other hand, Samsung reduced the S Pen support latency to about 9ms, making writing feel more responsive.

Remember that these are all rumors! But if The Elec is right, the upcoming Galaxy S series with code-name “Unbound,” will be available in three (3) different models. There are also speculations that Samsung will be killing off the Galaxy Note series, so it can focus on the new Foldable Z line.

Adding the S Pen feature to Samsung’s foldable line will keep fans of the Note-series happy. The Galaxy S series is one of the market and we think it surely deserves an S Pen.

Author: Joel Onyeike

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