Samsung Discontinuing Galaxy Phones’ Movie Maker When Android 9.0 P Comes Out

The company has decided to terminate Movie Maker when the next major Android update, Android P, is officially released.

Samsung Discontinuing Galaxy Phones’ Movie Maker When Android 9.0 P Comes Out

Samsung’s video editor for Galaxy phones – known as Movie Maker – will be discontinued when Android P comes into play with its amazing features.

This news became public when AndroidPolice uncovered an upload note for the APK from the APK Mirror. The note says:

Samsung Movie Maker service will be terminated after Android P update. All projects will be deleted. Be sure to export your projects as videos before updating your system software.

This notice has started appearing on the Movie Maker app itself. When Samsung users update the app to the latest version, they will get the notice.

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What this news means is that Movie Maker will likely be discontinued this year. What is not clear yet, however, is if Samsung will provide another app with the same feel or a similar experience.

Before that time comes, users can still enjoy working on Movie Maker, especially considering the fact that Samsung Galaxy S8 just got the Android Oreo update.

Movie Maker is quite well-hidden on Samsung phones. It usually only comes up when users start editing videos through the Gallery app. It can also be launched by opening Video Editor and choosing ‘Create’. It has a variety of tools to choose from for editing videos.

Meanwhile, a Developer Preview of Android P is available for manual flashing. You can download and install it on your device to experience and enjoy the features of the latest Android version.



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