September 25, 2022

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Samsung Exynos 9925 SoC to come with High-Performance Graphics

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Samsung Exynos

Samsung is currently working on two new high-end chipsets. One of these is the Exynos 9925 and it is expected to come with high-performance graphics.

Over the years, there have been criticisms of the Exynos flagship chipsets. These SoCs are seen as inferior to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-800 series chips. Samsung seems to be working on changing this narrative with the Exynos 9925 chipset.

According to information from @UniverseIce on Twitter, the Exynos 9925 chip will use AMD technologies to achieve high graphics performance. Samsung also plans to rely on ARM solutions and has already entered into an agreement to jointly develop chips.

Samsung entered a multi-year agreement with AMD last year. With the agreement, Samsung will have access to the RDNA graphics architecture for use in their chips. This means that the Mali graphics may get replaced with more powerful solutions in the future.

There is no official information yet on when the Exynos 9925 will be available. However, we know that AMD graphics is expected to appear in Exynos only in 2022. This means that Samsung will likely not announce the Exynos 9925 until the second half of 2021.

Author: Vincent AbolarinVincent is an Electrical Engineer and smartphone enthusiast. Anything about smartphones, count him in!

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