September 26, 2022

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Samsung Galaxy A81 might have S-Pen Stylus Support

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There are reports that Samsung is set to release a new Galaxy A smartphone with S-Pen stylus support. The Galaxy A81 is supposedly the smartphone that will use the S-Pen stylus. The Galaxy A81 will be the first smartphone (aside the Galaxy Note series) to have S-Pen Stylus, if the rumour is true.

Typically, the Samsung Galaxy Note series have model number with the format SM-Nxxxx, while the Galaxy A series has the number in form of SM-Axxxx. Meanwhile, a new smartphone with the distinct SM-AN815F model number has surfaced online. This smartphone has a model number different from the usual Samsung model numbers.

It’s likely that the SM-AN815F might be the Samsung Galaxy A81 with S-Pen Stylus feature. The N in the model number could be the indication of it having S-Pen Stylus support. However, there is no further information regarding the software of the Galaxy A81, since it is still in its development stage.

It would be interesting to see what plans Samsung has for the Galaxy A81 design-wise and in the Camera department, if there will be notable changes from its earlier Galaxy A devices.

Author: Babatunde EsanBabatunde Esan is in his penultimate year at the University of Ilorin, studying History and International Studies. He is versatile and an all round creative with a passion for writing, smartphones and technologies.

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