September 25, 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ gets updated 3D Scanning

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is currently one of Samsung’s most powerful smartphones. So much has been said about the device’s triple-camera setup. However, its Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera has been so much overlooked by many.

The ToF module allows you to scan an object from multiple angles in order to generate a 360-degree model of it. It does this by using 3D scanning and depth mapping.

Samsung’s ToF camera has been put to test and the resulting 3D scans were not exactly perfect. In fact, they came with quite a number of errors. Using the cool feature to capture people was especially difficult.

However, Samsung has brought an update that aims to improve user experience. The new update comes with a dedicated “person mode”. This means that you will now get mode options, choosing between “person” and “thing”. This is expected to generally improve the resulting 3D scans.

Interested in trying out the updated 3D scanning feature? Simply update your app through the Galaxy Store.

Author: Vincent AbolarinVincent is an Electrical Engineer and smartphone enthusiast. Anything about smartphones, count him in!

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