September 25, 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 to be announced in August despite the COVID-19 crisis

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 concept render

The coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the world is frankly affecting the economy of countries worldwide. In the mobile phone industry, we have seen the effect in the postponement of phone launches. Back in February, the annual Mobile World Congress 2020 was cancelled. However, reports have it that Samsung is sticking to its plans on some phone announcements.

Samsung will reportedly announce the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 in August. The reports have it that everything is going as planned and the announcement of the phones is not affected.

Samsung Galaxy foldable phone

Even though Samsung will still hold its UNPACKED event in August, it will not necessarily be a real on-site event. If the coronavirus pandemic does not loosen its grip on the world before then, we could just see an online event.

According to the sources, Samsung is preparing for a worst-case scenario in which the global pandemic will still be on strongly in the second half of the year. This would force the company to launch its next flagship products exclusively online.

If we consider the effect of the current wave of the coronavirus outbreak, it may affect Samsung’s supply chain. This means that the company could even postpone its announcement of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 devices.

It is not clear if Samsung will indeed launch its next-gen foldable phone as the Galaxy Fold 2 or give it another name. Well, it is only a matter of time before we find out.

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