Samsung Launches Samsung Max App For Data Saving And Privacy Protection On Android

The app is to promote mobile data saving and application privacy management.

Samsung Launches Samsung Max App For Data Saving And Privacy Protection On Android

Samsung has revealed a new free app for Android. According to the Company, the app – Samsung Max – is designed to promote data saving and application privacy.

Samsung Max comes as a replacement to the Opera Max app. This means that users of Opera Max should find that their next update will be to Samsung Max.

It is of note that Samsung Max downgrades the Opera Max, which included a full VPN tool, to a DNS-masking service. However, it includes other options for privacy and security, plus tools for reducing data usage.

The app allows data sent over insecure Wi-Fi networks to be encrypted, while including tracker blocking to ensure that users can avoid tracking, keeping their online activities private.

Through a combination of compression and blocking, Samsung Max also reduces data consumption. The app may actively compress images, videos, music files and webpages. It also scans for data saving opportunities, and offers smart advice on which applications are consuming the most data.

The data saving feature may come in handy especially for anyone who wishes to reduce the cost of phone use while abroad, or for anyone with a costly data package.

The Vice President of the Samsung R&D Institute in India, Seounghoon Oh, had this to say about the new app:

All over the world, data has become a commodity, but many plans are simply too expensive for consumers that want to get the most out of the latest technology built into their devices. With Samsung Max, our users in every corner of the globe now have increased autonomy and control over their data usage and privacy in an era of rising security threats, fraudulent apps and user profiling.

Samsung Max will come pre-installed on Galaxy A and Galaxy J series in the following countries:

  • Nigeria
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Users of other Samsung devices – and people in other parts of the world – can download it on Google Play Store.

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