September 25, 2022

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Samsung might be working on a New Galaxy Fold “lite”

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Samsung recently certified a new device on the Wi-Fi Alliance with model SM-F415F/DS. The first “F” in this device’s name represents “Foldable”, and considering the fact that the original Galaxy Fold is F900, and the Z Flip is F700, this device might just be a “lite” version of the Galaxy fold.

Recent rumors suggest that Samsung may be have in due course started the production of a new “lite” version of the Galaxy Fold. The device might not fall under the mid-range field, but we assure you that it won’t be as expensive as its other foldable device counterparts. Reports suggest that Samsung might want to keep this device at a price around $1000.

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The device could also feature a non-flagship processor, as well as other features a standard Galaxy Fold would have. The image below contains the device’s certification.

Readers should note that this might be a pure speculation, but if you consider the device’s model number, the second digit is a “1”, implying that the device is of a second-generation, as we saw with the Galaxy Z fold 2 which has an F91x code. The original fold on the other hand has as F90x model number.

The most critical question enthusiasts are currently asking is if this device will feature a clamshell design or the original fold design on arrival. Irrespective of what happens, the Wi-Fi certification holds less information concerning the device. Aside that, we think the new Galaxy fold lite might not support Wi-Fi 6.


Author: Joel Onyeike

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