September 27, 2022

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Samsung secures Patent for Dual-Screen Foldable Phone.

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Foldable Smartphone

Source: Phone Foldable

New reports say that Samsung’s older patent for a dual-screen phone was granted by the U.S Trademark and Patent Office last month. If Samsung works on the dual-screen concept, it could go toe to toe with Microsoft in this new and untested market next year. Especially after the release of the Galaxy Fold which was released a few months back, it could be a further step for Samsung towards marketing the new dual-screen concept after years of research and exploring both the Fold and dual-screen concepts.

The Patent discovery was made by Patently mobile. It describes “Dual display smartphones reflecting new user interfaces and modes of operation.” This shares similarities with the Microsoft Duo, where two displays of similar sizes are connected through a hinge. This could mean that the Samsung dual-screen device could compete with Microsoft Surface Duo in the dual-screen phone segment.

Samsung Dual-Screen Foldable Smartphone
Source: Patently Mobile

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Fold faces opposition with Huawei Mate X in the Foldable Phones market. However, other OEMs could look to work on Foldable Smartphones technology which will not require expensive flexible display tech. Of course, we also have the Motorola RAZR 2019 Foldable Smartphone to launch this month.

Samsung is supposedly working on a second-generation Foldable Smartphone, as well as other companies that are also looking at making theirs. It would be interesting to see if Samsung can work on the dual-screen concept and also improve on the Folds.

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