September 26, 2022

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Samsung’s AltZlife Will Boost Smartphone Privacy

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Samsung has just introduced a new feature called AltZlife on its smartphones. The app was created in a bid to help users maintain privacy while using their smartphones.

AltZlife will help them switch between normal and private mode easily, by double-clicking on the power key.

The on-device function intelligently suggests users moving private content to secure folders, before handing over the device to someone else.

The tech company said in a recent statement that the AltZlife feature is currently available on Galaxy A71 and A51 smartphones.

The Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India, Manu Sharma, said “An industry-first innovation, this intelligent feature has been designed keeping in mind the inherent need of consumers, especially Gen Z, for enhanced privacy when it comes to storage and access of content on their smartphone.”

AltZlife Features

AltZlife boasts of two ‘Make for India’ solutions and they include Quick Switch and Content Suggestions.

These two solutions have been developed by a team of young engineers at Samsung R&D Institutes.

The institute is located in Bengaluru and Noida, with insights from consumer research.

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Let’s take a look at how the new feature works.

Quick Switch helps users in switching between instances of the same app instantly, e.g. an instance in Normal mode, and another in private mode. An example of instance switching could be between their Gallery and WhatsApp.

Samsung’s Knox solution is responsible for the protection of App’s private version, in the Secure Folder of Samsung’s smartphones.

Samsung boosts mobile privacy with Make in India tool 'AltZLife'

It also requires the user’s authentication when switching from normal to private mode.

The AI-driven Content Suggestions feature automatically informs users of what content to move into their Secure Folder, by specifying a face or type of image; leaving the rest to the AI.

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Author: Joel Onyeike

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