September 25, 2022

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Samsung’s Find my device now able to track devices without active Internet Connection

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Humans aren’t new to experiencing phone loss, as it has a possibility of occurring every day. Losing a phone is a bad dream, which people only hope to wake up from. Recently, Samsung rolled out a new software called “Find my Mobile” for smartphones to enable phone tracking.

One of the outstanding features this device possesses is the ability to track lost phones even when offline. In subsequent reports, Samsung says other Galaxy devices with the same feature, located nearby will “Scan” for others. This feature allows the manufacturer to keep record of other Galaxy devices when lost.

The new change is available in version of the new Find my Mobile App. Although it is not enabled by default, Samsung will be delivering notifications to Galaxy device owners. The push notification will be inform of an option.

This feature is certainly a helpful one for Samsung Galaxy owners. Although this feature is useful, an active internet connection might be able to more reliably find your device.

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Author: Joel Onyeike

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