Sophisticated Android Malware Tracks All Your Phone Activities

This malware primarily targets Middle East victims for the purpose of cyber espionage.

Sophisticated Android Malware Tracks All Your Phone Activities

There is an advanced form of malware which can spy on just about all functions of Android smartphones. This malware can steal data from Telegram, WhatsApp and other apps. It can steal passwords, photos and videos from Android smartphones.

This malware, which is called “ZooPark” primarily targets users in the Middle East. According to Kaspersky Lab which first identified it, ZooPark was likely developed by a state actor.

ZooPark’s current status is a result of its development over four generations. It started out as a malware that could “only” steal address book contacts and device account details. However, the last generation can capture photos, audio, video and screenshots on its own, without the knowledge of the subject. It can monitor keylogs, browser data and call records, and exfiltrate them. It can also surreptitiously make calls and send text messages.

Kaspersky is of the opinion that the targets of the malware are specifically selected, having seen less than 100 targets in the wild. The company also suggested that the latest version might have been bought from vendors of surveillance tools, and not built in-house.

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