The BlackBerry KEY2 Will Launch On June 7, 2018

BlackBerry has announced the follow-up to the BlackBerry KEYone, and it will launch in New York on June 7.

The BlackBerry KEY2 Will Launch On June 7, 2018

BlackBerry made this known via its official @BBMobile Twitter account last week. The tweet was sent with an image attachment. In the image, the logo of the new BlackBerry KEY2 appeared in the lower right corner. It is of note that a numeral “2” was used rather than being spelled out as was done with the KEYone.

The apparent date and time of launch appeared around the center of the image under an “AN ICON REBORN” text.

The BlackBerry KEY2 Will Launch On June 7, 2018

Along with the image, BlackBerry included three Emoji: a key Emoji, a numerical “2” Emoji and the eyes Emoji. It is assumed that the company is trying to tell us to watch and wait for the KEY2.

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The BlackBerry KEYone surprisingly achieved some success in the market, considering the fact that it seemed that BlackBerry was already going out of market.

When smartphones with touchscreen became the order of the day, BlackBerry’s physical keyboards went out of style. Ironically, this may be the reason for the success of the KEYone as it was pretty much the only device on the market to offer the feature for lovers of physical keyboards.

BlackBerry was reportedly very happy about the success of the KEYone, and released a variant called the KEYone Black Edition.

The specs of the KEY2 are not expected to be a huge jump from those of the KEYone, but let’s watch and see.

What do you think about BlackBerry devices today? Would you buy the KEY2? Let us know in the Comments Section below.



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