The Price Of This Limited Edition Solar-powered iPhone X Will Shock You

A new, limited edition iPhone X has been released.

The Price Of This Limited Edition Solar-powered iPhone X Will Shock You

Many smartphone users already think that the regular iPhone X and its accessories are too expensive. If anything, the price of the new, limited edition iPhone X “Tesla” will utterly shock such users.

This limited edition device comes at a whopping $4,500. To get 256GB of storage, an extra $300 is needed.

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The phone comes with a solar-powered case by Caviar, a Russian accessory producer. The case attaches directly to the iPhone X.

This case, which is made of carbon fiber, makes the phone a bit thicker than the regular iPhone X, and the panel is shock-resistant.

According to the company, the initial run order was 99 units, but high demand prompted them to increase it to just under 1,000 units, with the number of each unit engraved on it.

Report has it that ‘Number One’, the first unit off of the production line, has been offered to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

Is this price normal or a bit over? Let us know your opinion in the Comments Section below.

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