The Updated Skype Version 8.2

The new version, called Skype version (8.29), will be available for mobile (Android and iOS).

What makes this update an interesting one is that the recent complex design changes made previously by Skype have been readdressed, as the company underwent a much needed re-design, saying that it realized the critical need to maintain simplicity and familiarity. It has removed the Highlights feature introduced last year, and is bringing back a simple interface that is easy to understand.

On account of the new version, the company admittedly said “In the past year we explored some design changes but had complaints from customers saying that we over-complicated some of our core scenarios, making Calls harder to execute and Highlights didn’t resonate with a majority of users.”

To the delight of its customers, Skype provides a cleaner and more efficient user interface (UI) for easy navigation as well as all the functionality Skype lovers wants.

“With the aim to make Skype faster and simpler to use, the cleaner UI is a way to simplify basic functions”, said Peter Skillman, Director of Design for Skype and Outlook.

The much talked about Skype version 8.29 comes with design changes that improve efficiency and ‘classic’ blue theme that has been modified for contrast and readability.

Smartphone users enjoying Skype latest version can now see the Chats, Calls and Contact buttons at the bottom of the mobile app for easy switch and access.


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