October 2, 2022

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Visionox unveils Rollable AMOLED Display and Foldable Clamshell Phone

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Visionox unveils its latest Foldable Phone Prototype smartphonecamp.com

This year has definitely been a year of foldable phones. We have seen the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X and the Motorola razr. All three device have their own peculiarities.

We expect that by next year, more phones will join the foldable smartphone train. However, even as we wait for these to unfold, Visionox has brought us something interesting.

Visionox Rollable AMOLED Display

According to Visionox, rollable AMOLED displays will be the next big thing. In fact, the company has showcased a rollable flexible AMOLED panel. Visionox unveiled this at the World Conference in the Display Industry which held in Hefei, Anhui Province of China.

Visionox Rollable Display smartphonecamp.com

Visionox claims that the rollable display will reduce the area taken up by the display. This technology may be an upgrade to the current foldable phone technology.

The rollable display that Visionox unveiled has a dynamic curl radius of 7mm. It comes with pretty interesting features such as an on-cell display integration technology, and self-lamination.

It may take a while before such features become commercially viable. So, Visionox simply showcased the display itself and not a smartphone featuring the technology.

Visionox Foldable Smartphone

Visionox still left us with something that can be ready soon. The company also unveiled a foldable smartphone with clamshell design, just like the Motorola razr. The device looks like a standard modern smartphone that can fold in the center. However, when folded, it does not have a secondary display like the razr.

Visionox’s foldable smartphone features a 6.47-inch flexible AMOLED display with on-cell technology. Interestingly, the device has a traditional notch at the top. Visionox says that there’ll be no crease at the center of the phone when it is folded into its 13.3mm form factor.

All of these point to Visionox positioning itself as a major player in the display segment. Already, the company is supplying displays for Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10.

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